Uptown Dallas Apartment Locators

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Again to be clear this page actually refers to apartments that are located within the area known as Uptown Dallas. Uptown Dallas is an area to the north of Downtown thus the name Uptown and it is one of the most elite neighborhoods in the entire metroplex. In this area, you can find a luxury apartment in an urban environment. We could dare say a little bit of NYC the DFW way! It is a great place to live especially for younger adults who are already making a very respectable income. You are going to get a little bit of everything here. Being neighbor to some of the Metroplex’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes!

Are You Just Starting Your Thirties?

We don’t mean to be rude by asking your age. We just want to let you know that the median age range in the area of Uptown Dallas is of around 33 years old. Which means that you are going to be bumping into very young people if you decide to move into this area. Is that a good thing or a bad thing for you? We will certainly give you a bit of time to think about that later on. That just may be something that you may want to consider while in the middle of your decision process!

It’s Not Broadway But …

While Dallas isn’t exactly famous for having a huge art scene you can still catch a couple of good exhibits and art shows in the area. Uptown Dallas is one of the hottest spots for these types of events in the entire Metroplex. Again we know that if you may be coming from another place that may not sound like much, but it is what it is. What we can tell you is that there are plenty of young and enthusiastic people coming in every day. So there is plenty of room for growth in the entertainment realm.

Food & Shopping

If you are looking for the hottest shopping district in Dallas there is a good chance that this may be it. That also comes with some of the top restaurants in the area. As we’ve constantly said this area is filled young up and coming professionals that are looking to have a bit of fun. If that sounds like you then it may be an area that you want to look closer into. Plus being able to step on to the street an into a very active world is a great way to forget a lot of the troubles from work and other life issues.

Are You Convinced Yet?

If you haven’t already, call or contact us and if you happen to be interested in the Uptown Dallas Apartments make sure that you let us know so that we can provide some of the best options in the area. Maybe you are going to become that next eligible bachelor that Dallas had been looking for all of these years you never know!