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Most of the Uptown apartments that we typically offer to clients have one thing in common they are part of a big apartment complex that sometimes has more of the look and feel of a hotel than an average apartment. Of course, when we are talking about Uptown apartments we would be referring to a 5-star hotel. The community within these complexes is usually very active so you kind of get a rare living experience. In that, you get a lot of the interaction that you have in the suburbs within a fully urban area. Kind of like a suburban sanctuary in the middle of uptown.

Benefits For Families

These types of apartments are usually a great fit for families that are starting out living in urban areas. As parents can let their kids roam around freely within the grounds of the apartment complex without feeling too worried that they may be out on the street. One of the main assets that these types of apartments bring is safety. They are usually heavily guarded places so that again families and kids can roam around without too much of an issue. Families though are not the only ones that can benefit from this type of environment.

Benefits For Young Couples Or Single People

If you are single, but looking to move a bit away from the party scene downtown into a more quiet place then these types of complexes can be just what you are looking for. You are close enough to downtown so that you can enjoy a lot of the lifestyle without having to be fully immersed in it. Plus you get a lot of amenities that come with being in a place like this that would be more difficult to obtain in a house out in the suburbs. Like gyms and pools right on campus so to speak.

hi rise apartments dallas

There are plenty of options to choose from as far as hi rise apartments go in this area of Dallas. There are plenty of buildings on Mckinney and all the way to the North Park area to choose from. It really depends how far away from downtown you really want to go. Plenty of these options to have more amenities and more modern buildings. If you haven’t figured it out already let’s try and make things very clear! If you choose the right apartment locator service that Apartment Locator Dallas can provide the possibilities are literally endless.

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At Apartment Locator Dallas we can help connect you with a wide variety of options for renting or buying an apartment. Should you rent or should you buy? Everyone these days believes that millennials aren’t to keen on being tied down to one place. In our line of work though we have seen it both ways. Some people are eager to buy a home where they intend to live for an extensive period of time others are always coming and going so they prefer to rent. Whatever your case may be we want you to know that we can hook you up!